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GPU Mining

Our mining rigs are configured to mine Ethers on the Ethereum network. These machines are Turing complete and can potentially be used to mine other types of altcoins. Average hash rate of our 6-GPUs mining rig is estiamte between 130-140 MH/s to 160+ MH/s based on the Model. Power consumption for a 6-GPUs rig is between 1kW-1.2kW based on Model, with dimensions 55cm(L) x 35cm(W) x 35cm(H) Picture Here. The GPU used in our rig is the AMD Radeon Rx580 Cards.


Ethereum is a blockchain-based system, developed with a vision to become an internet service platform for guaranteed computation, allowing people to easily create the infrastucture to set up new services on the internet. Computational services on the network is paid using Ether, the currency is widely traded on several cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. For more information, read Ethereum Homestead Documentation or visit www.ethereum.org.

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A Blog written by the team- we share our views on latest technology, particularly focusing on Ethereum, DApps, GPU mining and blockchain technology. Stay tuned and visit the VMX Blog.

Mining Rigs for Sale

6-GPUs Mining Rig (Nvidia 1060 6Gb Mining Version)

  • HKD: 22,500
    USD: 2880
  • Approximately 145-148 MH/s
  • Power Usage approximately 600W
  • Limited Warranty - 2 Months
  • Installation Tutorial
  • ORDER NOW - Contact us to get your Rig ASAP

Modded 6-GPUs Mining Rig
RX 580 4Gb/8Gb

  • 4GB: HKD: 26,000
    USD: 3335
  • 8GB: HKD: 28,000
    USD: 3590
  • Approximately 176-180 MH/s
  • Power Usage approximately 950W-1000W
  • No Warranty
  • Delivery & Installation Tutorial
  • ORDER NOW - Contact us to get your Rig ASAP


Avg Block time, network difficulty and Ether price provided real-time by etherchain.org

Avg Block Time

Network Difficulty

Network HashRate

Ether Price

VMX Rig's HashRate

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Expected Monthly Gain (6-GPU Rig)

  • Gain at Current Block time, network difficulty, network total hashrate and ether price. This is a running average of expected returns on SOLO mining. Please Refer Here for My Crypto Buddy Calculator for more accurate estimates for Pool/Solo Mining.

  • Gain assuming ether price at USD 360.00:

  • Gain assuming ether price at USD 370.00:

  • Gain assuming ether price at USD 380.00:

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Ethereum different from Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which allows people to transact on the network - e.g. "Send X from A to B". Ethereum is based on a turing complete programme, allows logic like "Send X from A to B if J and K but not L", hence smart contracts and applications can be built on the platform.
Is it possible to mine Ethers with CPU?
It is possible but is highly inefficient, hence it is not recommended.
Could GPU Mining be replaced by ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit)?
It is highly unlikely. The main ideas is that the mining algorithm is memory hard. Specialized hardware with circuits specifically designed for computing proof of work in parallel requires a lot more memory, which is more expensive to produce. Moreover, another idea behind ASIC resistance is to switch over to Proof of Stake before ASIC can be develoepd. GPU mining is likely to be the most optimal solution before that happens.
What else can we do with the mining rig?
VMX mining rig is essentially general purpose computer with much stronger graphic processing power. Each or the main components of the machine comes with a 1-year warranty and same machine could be used to potentially mine other altcoins such as Ethereum Classic, Monero, ZCash, Siacoin, Pascal etc...
Will VMX Labs form a mining pool?
We do not have plans to form a mining pool. We are also not affiliated with any Mining Pool. Our Clients are free to choose whichever pool they wish with our Rig following their documentation.

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